Saturday, December 27, 2008

au revoir 2008

it has been a blissful journey so far. i was kept busy with at home, work, family & friends. i do need a getaway soon. so far, no major travels done this year as i was preparing for the big day last august (normally i would be gone in august).

i could list done these things to do come 2009:
a) more weddings
b) more music festivals
c) at least a travel out before march
d) giving birth to little joey
e) time to look for greener pastures by then, i hope

i am currently in love with lil tykes clothings...crazy abt them and at the same time watching my pocket.
i guess its common, haha!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

blissfully over

the series of events that took place recently is now over.
all are slowly being put back in place.

it is wonderful, yes, it is.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

the lifespan

my brain is still working at this wee hours so i might as well pen a bit.
i am counting down. really!
it's coming. the time is coming.
things are all lined-up in the manner that i've always wanted.

feeling numb right now.
as half of my bodynsoul is committed to a series of major events at work while the other half is for the big-day.
i couldnt believe that im getting hitched soon, real soon.

alot of events/things been happening since last month.

art classes
tea picnic cum hat party (to celebrate rina's bday)
lotsa jumping, posings + lil amount of practise of sparklers art to perfection
post hat party (to celebrate hanna's bday)
haris + leila in sg
chilling + shopping in town, waraku sushi, starbucks, sentosa (domestic tourists who finally boarded onto the cable car ride)

the wives club

jump, higher

bubbling through the garden

sparklers for bday girl

the name

smiley face

dinner cum hanna's bday

all of us

haris + mutton briyani

leila + murtabak

fireworks @sentosa

green city, i supposed

me, tini + haris

art classes
wedding outfits' selection
ling/ling's farewell
invite cards printing + proofing
makan muntah kedarah nite @carousel
water fools @sg arts fest opening

water fools

a date by the river

mum was busy flipping through the bridal mags to choose the design for my 'solemnisation' outfit and planted a few designs before she went to sleep. later in the evening, we gonna have 'melayukan dia' where makankakis are going potluck + gathering @jjay's place for dinner.

i hope to hear good news from him. yes, the stuff for my damages are in too!

Monday, May 19, 2008

come as you go

this is my perpetual problem.
one moment i was into penning the events, another moment it died off.
of late, i'd been to the movies like what/happens/in/vegas & cong/kak.
the latter was of a disappointment balls!
the sound effects just works...but aint the storyline.

i was busybee since april, alot of outings, eatings, playing host to haris + leila who were in town.
i became a good domestic tourist too by going to the zoo, hopping on cable-car ride.
the pair flew in from stocktown...oh well, i miss skarholmen, skansen and to name a few, including the moose meat/balls.
i was busybee this month, more bad traits of online spree, outings, eatings and sleeping.
the nite-out with the makankakis yesterday was great followed by coffee before french/movie invasion.

im counting down.
its tiring though.

happy times with the swedes

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the streets

sue was kind enuff to invite some of us to a movie preview.
lido was the venue and street kings was the title.
the movie is a yet another expected policeman kindofstoryline thingy.
the hero, gone were my heydays when he used to star in speed part uno & deus.

post-movie, we headed to badoque for a late dinner with the boy & the rest of the movie-goers.
what's girls without a gossip moment.

the long work week has soon ended, and more work upcoming.
and did i mentioned that i was going to the zoo.
yea, i did. i havent place my foot in the local zoological park for more than 15years and it has changed much, drastically.
it was a dream come true using mum's corporate member and no more an excuse to postpone the much-sought visit after-all.
armed with caps, brollies and ponchos, it was like a day-care outing.
the rain didnt dampen our spirits too. that's the domestic spirit for me for this month!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

spice girls nite

another dinner last saturday with the makankakis.
the weekend was deliberately done in such a way that we were all dressed formally, dinner and karaOke to follow suit.
knowing us and the last minute changes, only the dinner outline was followed closely.
from pastas (had to wait for more than half an hour since its a weekend) to coffee + dessert and lastly the unplanned ghost-hunting expedition for the remaining troopers. the expedition included most of the 'haunted' places in the far east & nothern sg.

cant wait for the next one!

the dinnerplace

a group pic

the destruction

being scared, not!

Monday, April 7, 2008

definitely awesome

being stuck at home on sundays is a bore.
nothing else fascinates me to do anything 'cept going to the nearby malls, lunch out or catch a movie/buy dvds.
so i reckon for a movie with nana.

i was browsing thru the website of the nearest outlet and saw this movie poster.

immediately, i'd knew that i must watch this!
for there's abigail breslin. it cant go wrong.
indeed, it didnt. thanks for making my sunday a pleasant one.